Sunday, May 31, 2009

热到pitk!,裂!, 爆!

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happy hot day! totemo asui desus!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Tunggu Sana Sajalah!

::I Love Malaysia, Ha Ha!::

the thing i miss most bout japan is their people,
so far the most friendly race i had ever met.
besides, even the city itself is so overpopulated,
everyone still remain very organised, and u wont feel very 'luan' in the metropolitan
when reached malaysia, i still 'sumimasen' here and 'sumimasen' there
as had been doing this for 5 weeks...and will unconsciously nod my head to ppl i see
even i duno them..jus as a sign to say 'hi'

haha all the good manners i encountered had changed SUDDENLY
once i touched down in malaysia,
and i realised..hahaha..i'm home, to this kinda lousy country
with lousy people..
i was going to take a bus from KLIA to LCCT to fly back kuching
so i head towards the bus counter and ask nicely

"Excuse me, bila bus ke LCCT akan sampai"

the malay lady at the counter, busy making up, (but still ugly le)
dun even look at me, then shout back

"Tidak tahu la! you tunggu sana sajalah!"

i dun wan to reply,
i jus feel warao, back to malaysia liao..wake up liao
and i jus walk away
walau eh, this kind of attitude :)
since i had to rush for flight, and cant 'tunggu' there as what she told,
my RM38 goes to the taxi driver.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

私は日本に行く! contd.

:: Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto ::

more of my japan programme photos in facebook! click on the link below
1. Nara Deer Very Realistic - a visit to one of the oldest city of Japan, Nara
2. Kinkaku Is Gold In Colour - Kyoto series! got 4 albums! a must visit place if u go japan
3. Kobe Beef Is Very Expensive - Kobe, the earthquake and a very nice city
4. Sushi Make My Stomach Pitk! - Kaitzen Buffet Sushi..hahaha!
5. Universal Studio Japan! - Love roller coaster? this is the place u must go!

time passed so fast, this is my final week in japan alrdy
going back next monday to my beloved kuching haha!
will move to tokyo from osaka this thursday night,
on a midnight bus!

till then! ciao!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Love Japan

:: JR Osaka Station; Umeda ::