Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"bakayaro! 拍我睡觉!"




Friday, July 17, 2009

Different Level

kicked futsal last weekend with dodo's friends
while resting at the bench waiting for the next match
overheard some guys talking talking next to me
the conversation as below..

A: "eh, u know that Ah Seng ho...married liao oh!!!"
B: "which one Ah Seng oh??"
A: "neh, last time the one in our class one ah"
B: " fast marry liao meh!?"
A: "hahaha...missed-cue mah~"

heard this term so frequent recently..
i bet i m getting older n older and growing into a different level slowly,
as people around me start to discuss bout future and marriage..
the sad thing is,
many of them got married mainly because they missed-cue!!!
not that they had planned and prepared it nicely ahead


all these terms....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Domo どーもくん

feel terrible today, so jus wasting time in front of my mac n d40
so shoot shoot n draw draw
come out with this series of domo photo!

try to see through the photo
and anyone can come out with a story line?
haha..i had mine done in my facebook...
click here to see the dialogue i created.

"Domo どーもくん" featuring domo-kun from NHK
and the human from kuchinglife! comic

have a nice day everyone!!
suppose to b in rainforest today,
but then everything goes wrong :(

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rainforest World Music Festival '09

sorry for the very late update,
had been vr busy for the past few weeks,
ward rounds, bedside teaching, clinical clerkship, reading,
have to be at ward from 7.30 am, so really no extra time to spare
moreover, having a demanding supervisor is not always an easy job
however, its a good way to keep myself motivated all time
which is good, i guess

Rainforest World Music Festival '09
Rainforest World Music Festival '09
Rainforest World Music Festival '09!!

ok, believe it, being a kuchingites,
i had never been to a Rainforest World Music Festival before!!
the timing always not zhun! but finally! this year!
kss is going to Rainforest World Music Festival '09!
i will be there on the second day, which is this coming Saturday!
hope can meet all of u there!

rocks on baby! no music no life!

i still remember the ticket only sold for RM10 when it jus started
and it rise to RM90 this year...walau eh broke dao!
but i think should be worth it la

see, as more than half of the participants are from overseas
be prepared for the sibeh contagious H1N1!!!
heard that Sarawak General Hospital had fully prepared,
and they are expecting many cases from the music festival!
sounds scary

maybe we should all wear like this!
haha..well, the risk to be infected is vr high..
however, for those participating,
its always better to make sure u r healthy all time,
avoid to participate if u r not feeling well (RM90 throw into drain),
wear a mask when go, and make sure clean ur hand frequently
n rmbr! dun rub ur eye before u wash ur hand!

till then!
see you guys there!