Friday, July 17, 2009

Different Level

kicked futsal last weekend with dodo's friends
while resting at the bench waiting for the next match
overheard some guys talking talking next to me
the conversation as below..

A: "eh, u know that Ah Seng ho...married liao oh!!!"
B: "which one Ah Seng oh??"
A: "neh, last time the one in our class one ah"
B: " fast marry liao meh!?"
A: "hahaha...missed-cue mah~"

heard this term so frequent recently..
i bet i m getting older n older and growing into a different level slowly,
as people around me start to discuss bout future and marriage..
the sad thing is,
many of them got married mainly because they missed-cue!!!
not that they had planned and prepared it nicely ahead


all these terms....


foochikuk said...

oi.. wait for ur turn la... i hope it will come soon..

Eva said...

hmm...i was wondering~
why they use the word: miss-cue
normally when we play pool or snooker
aim cun cun then hit 1 mah, if miss-cue, meaning x kena masuk mah~
hmmmm~ 矛盾咧~


Eva said...

sorry, missed-cue, not MISS-cue, lolx

KP said...

LoL... guys talk somehow beats girls talk :P

annna said...

lol.. it's pretty common these days =X

DodO^MontaGue- said...

waiting for you to homerun! Baseball dude..

Shyang said...

qish: arhg!~~~

eva: heehee

KP: hiyo..guys talk vr power one

annna: yeah i guess so...

dodo: u dun simply run