Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rainforest World Music Festival '09

sorry for the very late update,
had been vr busy for the past few weeks,
ward rounds, bedside teaching, clinical clerkship, reading,
have to be at ward from 7.30 am, so really no extra time to spare
moreover, having a demanding supervisor is not always an easy job
however, its a good way to keep myself motivated all time
which is good, i guess

Rainforest World Music Festival '09
Rainforest World Music Festival '09
Rainforest World Music Festival '09!!

ok, believe it, being a kuchingites,
i had never been to a Rainforest World Music Festival before!!
the timing always not zhun! but finally! this year!
kss is going to Rainforest World Music Festival '09!
i will be there on the second day, which is this coming Saturday!
hope can meet all of u there!

rocks on baby! no music no life!

i still remember the ticket only sold for RM10 when it jus started
and it rise to RM90 this year...walau eh broke dao!
but i think should be worth it la

see, as more than half of the participants are from overseas
be prepared for the sibeh contagious H1N1!!!
heard that Sarawak General Hospital had fully prepared,
and they are expecting many cases from the music festival!
sounds scary

maybe we should all wear like this!
haha..well, the risk to be infected is vr high..
however, for those participating,
its always better to make sure u r healthy all time,
avoid to participate if u r not feeling well (RM90 throw into drain),
wear a mask when go, and make sure clean ur hand frequently
n rmbr! dun rub ur eye before u wash ur hand!

till then!
see you guys there!


Wen said...

i'm a kuchingnite and i've never been there too...

bought my ticket but in the end family objected due to h1n1. not going anymore.

nevermind still got next year!!!

e l d y said...

watch out !!

H1N1 : ".. Kuching, u oso no escape from me .."

.. XD

DodO^MontaGue- said...

Walao Shyang..
you so Ngiao one also go rainforest rm90.
enjoy urself.

Fahriee said...

Got a few bloggers gathering on can join if you want. :) Enjoy your weekend!

wing wai said...

haha i also never attend
feel like going this year but H1N1 outbreak.
did you see the memo at SGH? they ban all the staff from going to the music festival. if there's any local transmission from the hospital, they will close down the hospital...scary.
good news is- the director office will refund your ticket. :-)

josantoes said...

eh get those hand sanitizer, no need to use water one.. bring tat along and wash whole night!~

and i never been to tat also, sorry la just dun like crowded place

Shyang said...

wen: dun tink will have time for next ah!!

eldy: haha yes

dodo: ...

fahriee: see u guys there then!

wingwai: eh u doing elective there is it? which ward? haha..the specialist ask say we shouldnt go he will tell our supervisor/consultant regarding this..but i dun tink our faculty cares

laura: music?

Anonymous said...

I oso nvr been thr~ =.=!!!
Eh Laura, H1N1 transmited thru air droplets le... so -- haf to wash ur nostrils whole nite???

Shyang said...

eh who's there?

tru air droplets, yes, but the droplets can drop on any object..and virus can gain access into ur body tru any mucosa membrane (which includes ur eye); so to prevent it..wear a mask to protect ur airway...then wash hand to prevent accidental contact

eiChi said...

ya.. usually the second day the atmosphere is highest. first day all folk songs... ppl can really go crazy during the second night XD

this year i'm not going coz parents scared i kena H1N1 =_='''

enjoy the festival =D

Chin Ann said...

Omg...The wearing mask part is funny...
Very Creative Idea...

Shyang said...

eichi: really ah, i always heard first n third day will be the craziest haha

chin ann: thanks thanks

wing wai said...

in O&G now. latest news- all UNIMAS students, elective and nursing students are BANNED from goin gto SGH from 10th - 17th because of RWMF. lol shyang you can go already.

Shyang said...

aihh...cnnot go oso liao...faculty banned

cooknengr said...

九十塊丟港了. 沒相柑啦, 你 rock kaki 是不會听那种music的, 听人講會欣賞 Rain forest music style 的女人都沒有剪古吉毛.

Shyang said...

eh i not so rock kaki alrdy la...recently in love with bossa nova, jazz..n new age stuff..i will like rainforest la

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

student nurse all cannot go...