Saturday, July 19, 2008

High Blood Pressure

this is an illustration i draw for a coloring contest
an apple a day, keep the doctor away, yeah, and apple is the thing wic make me jobless
haha, but doctors are not jus treating disease, the most important task of a doc is to,
prevent disease:)

online in turtle speed in RH Hotel, Sibu


bearlim said...

apply make you jobless? you are doctor? :P

DodO^MontaGue- said...

eh buddy,
I wanna kick field football ler..
Longhouse got ball?

sien don`t feel like goin back to Moscow.

Ben said...

a female fren of mine said,"an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. but if the doctor is cute, fcuk the apple". ;)

Shyang said...

bearlim: i medical student la, 1.5 more year then can b doc liao

dodo: longhouse fight chicken only

ben: haha,doc is more important in educating n promoting health la,dun hope ppl to get sick so u can earn money

Ben said...

i know la. just sharing a funny quote from a fren la. aiyo~ hehe...