Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poultry Market 1959 A.D.

:: Poultry Market, Kuching ::

KUCHING: The transformation of the former wet market at Gambier Street into an esplanade, an extension of the existing waterfront, will begin this month.Kuching City North Commission Datuk Bandar Mohamad Atei Abang Medaan said the tender for the RM7 million beautification project has already been given out.

“Hopefully (it will be) completed by the end of the year. The beautification process is quite slow, but what we need to put up first are the facilities,” he told reporters here yesterday. Atei said the demolition of the vacant building alongside the banks of the Sarawak river would be carried out soon, but assured that no shops on the other side of Gambier Street would be affected.He said the stretch for the extension of the waterfront measures slightly over one km and added that plans to beautify the area had been in place for quite some time.State funds, said Atei, would be used to carry out the project, while DBKU would act as the implementer.He said the project would be good for everyone and believed that it should be carried out immediately.



:: Poultry Market ::

i dun understand how those developers think
sorry if i sound too rude and childish
i jus being a kuchingite who care bout my hometown!
soon those historical buildings along Gambier Street will be demolished
give ways to the so called interesting and nice Waterfront
i really duno how they think
they can move those hawkers to Stutong Market
but why u have to demolish the building!!!??
since u wan to focus on ur tourism
why dun u jus renovate those buildings into some fine dining restaurant

give u example
Poultry Market. why dun u jus change it into a high class fine dining restaurant
along the beautiful sarawak river? over-viewing the Astana and Fort Margherita?
i m quite sure those angmos will love it,
somemore u can give it a very good theme, and should jus name it
"Poultry Market, Kuching" a restaurant which only sell chicken dining.
instead of demolishing it...n u got really nth!

walao eh!

obviously not only me tulan bout this
all kuchingites please join this facebook group and go on to the poll!

Save our Kuching Heritage along Gambier Street!!

very very tulan.
and Jalan Song building flyover
Mr King sure gonna chop down more trees along tat road!
and i wonder how fast can he do tat!

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Richard Ling said...


that's surely a news to me.

thanks for the update.

Shyang said...

hot discussion there man! hahaha! sot one! everyone vr tulan

Ying said...

Yah yah yah i very very agree with u... they can just do something... or whatever... to beautify the building since it has historical value... the existence of the building is what makes that place so just an empty land... so kns lo~

elLy said...

aiti i hope they really beautify it asap..its an awful sight now..with all the deserted wrecked building...esp the one inside java streeeet...cos it attracts alot of drug addicts..zzz=.=

Pazuzu said...


Shyang said...

ying: u go tell them lo..

elly: haha

pazuzu: aih...

theeggyolks said...

seriously, they should renovate the building instead of demolishing it. Extending waterfront also no use, total wastage of money. In the end, it'll still be populated with those "dark-skinned opposite river" people. It has been years that i've stepped into waterfront.

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