Sunday, August 9, 2009


i can resist to post again
those blue long-head men are jus too cool


Garlic Killer。阿牙 said...


Shyang said...

from 'Across The Universe'
a musical movie based on beatles' songs...go check it out :)

Leslie said...

Love your drawings, and your sense of humour. We seem to share the same humour, same taste of music (at least the Jazz side, you should get Stan Getz older albums and the first original Pink Martini album), and I was a medical student years ago but then I sold my soul to the devil and work for a bank now. If you ever come to HK let me know. I went thru your whole blog last few days, enjoyed it totally especially for anyone who has been to Kuching and speak hokkian. I think if you can print some of your drawing on t-shirts it will be quite cool. Do you think I can find your book in HK? Keep up the good job!

Shyang said...

hi leslie!!
thanks a lot for ur support n i really appreciate tat!!

so u r in HK now? been there few yrs ago..will love to go there again; so u r a hongkie? or local malaysian who works there?

haha..i can post u my book..i do hav my own t-shirt which only left 1-2 pieces..but i duno how u gonna pay me tho hahaha

anyway, thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

CAn i noe where can i get the book in kch now? last time i saw it in ren jian cha fang but last month i go find they no sell anymore.

Shyang said...

Fung Ya Signcrafts Company
77, Ban Hock Road

(same row as Hornbill Steambot)