Friday, July 13, 2007

Siburan Carnival

Siburan is a small town in Sarawak,
a town where got the famous Jong's Crocodile Farm!
or more commonly known as the 二十二哩!
and for the first time they organise a Siburan Carnival this year.

thanx to thelife, my book can sell there:)

haha, side by side with a kuching guy who become a singer. sorry, i support indie music, not sms-votes competition winner :)

at least got ppl go n flip flip the book ma..dun play play:)

Next event going on:
MBKS Auditorium, Chawan Art Exhibition
held this weekend, so those who still wan buy my book can jus go there n grab one!
i will be flying bac tmr to kch to attend the dinner:)


terrick said...

I thought Siburan is 十七哩? 二十二哩 not 大富村?

cooknengr said...

Siburan is 十七哩, Beratok is 來duok ( (媽的,不會寫了) 村 at 二十-哩, Tapah 大富村 is 二十二哩. I lived in 來duok村 for a year lah, 真真的山頂腳.