Friday, July 20, 2007


Starbucks Damansara, Malaysia

Starbucks, Seoul

Starbucks Forbidden City, Beijing China

Starbucks, Bangkok

Starbucks, Macau

and finally...

Starbucks, Kuching!!!!

however i jus hope this dun happen there la

my dad owes wondering y i so happy starbucks open in kuching
cuz we are the one going to spend, n they are the one earning.
i still believe starbucks is a symbol of standard.


dodo said...

forbidden city starbucks closed down few days ago.
by the way
Why open at airport?..
i don`t think they can earn more if they open it at the city center.

-josantoes- said...

haha.. i prefer san francisco or dome

Terence said...

Your drawing is funny...and possible of happening....hahaha.