Saturday, December 22, 2007

Single Track Mind

there's a local band - "Single Track Mind"
and last few weeks they are here in Kuching, for some interactions,
i suppose:)
too bad i was not there, but still, thanx to meiling Alwyn,
at least, introduce this illustration blog to them!

Alex, the lead vocal from SingleTrackMind

"To: Sze Shyang, Looking forward to meet. Alex STM'07"
~i look forward as well haha!

and this is Anna (right), my first online customer! ha!
visit her blog for nice food haha

wanna setup a discussion here,
i m working hard to combine paintings with music,
both of them which are inseparable,
paintings give music an image, music give painting a sense of motion
local bands out there, find me if u got any inspiration!


Pazuzu said...

tat day u got go meh?
how come din see u one?