Thursday, February 28, 2008


i.f entry ::Multiple::

posted to maternity ward,
everyday i c mothers wearing this kind of
pink gown, very home-ly,
welcome to this world, babies!

the labour ward tunes is running in my brain now
"laaa la la laaa la la la la la la la laa..."


stephanie said...

Funny stuff. I like the graphical drawing style, works well on this illustration.

DodO^MontaGue- said...

eh...not bad ar this post.
got diff. feeL~.

but ur fetuses very ugly.

DodO^MontaGue- said...
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darkcat said...

this one is very nice, praise to the greatness of every mom..

henrietta said...

.... laa la la la laa la la..laala...laala!!!