Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kid & Elephant & 屁!

from PIPIT Love Postcard artwork 2

quite a numbers of people come up n tell me
"hey ppl come ur blog to c comic, so put la comic up!"
hey! i dun draw comic tat much, i draw illustration!
if u dun understand, u go google it!
i draw for me, not for anyone ok?

many people pissing me off recently
iz either they are really lousy ppl,
or i m the one easily pissed,
therez no answer for this as the answer depend wic side u stand

so go away.


Ben said...

huh, totally understand how u feel,man! sometimes, i feel making illustration is like masturbat**g to webcam -- there's nothing really great u can get from it except the orgasm n the self-satisfaction n perhaps a little popularity. but the initial intension is still for that rush n that self-high. n it's good that at the mean time u entertain some people, but when people r being demanding, then i guess it's time to tell them,"go DIY!"haha. (well, i never jer**f to the webcam b4.dont get me wrong. oh scheisse, i just made things sound even worse.AArrgghh) ok, i hope u get wat i mean. i think i m a bit too random tonite. haha. n sorry for being so "cerebrally-jaundised". muhahaha... n i m posting up my postcards to my blog too. go have a look if u r interested. ;)

Shyang said...

walau eh
ur description and explanation very naked!

use better term next time,dun ask them go DIY. ask them go into their own room, lock the door, and eat their rice themself.