Tuesday, October 7, 2008

National Geographic Your Shot "Daily Dozen"

daily dozen of 6 October 08

my shot was chosen for one of the 12-best photo in
6 October 2008, around the world!
featured in "daily dozen" under "Your shot" section,
so now the photo will open for voting and the top3 with most vote
will be published in Nat Geo magazine worldwide!
one of the reason i buy camera is to learn how to shoot like nat geo photographer
hence, in the same time, had been subscribing nat geo since year 1 med life,
ah..really proud of myself! yeah cant resist!

so this is how you may vote!

1. go to:
2. make sure it is the daily dozen for "October" & "Week 2"
3. find my photo
4. make ur vote (vote 10 vote 10 haha!) and thank you very much!

this is a photo i took during my community medicine posting in Rumah Jawa,
a traditional Iban Longhouse, so with this post, i attached this photo!
haha..the caption is edited by hen:)

We were posted to an Iban tribe longhouse in the rural part of Borneo Island during
our community medicine posting. We were given a warm and
honorable welcome and greeted by the traditional Ngajat dance.
This particular dancer girl, dressed fully in traditional costume, caught my attention.
While all the other Iban ladies surrounding her were looking straight at her alone,
she was looking straight into me, and into my shutter. This moment is precious.


have vr mixed feeling today,
sent my macbook to service, and upgrade to the powerful Leopard OS
previously am running on Tiger OS 10.4.8, which crashed when i was in Sibu
now leopard run nicely on him, but jus a bit lag cuz didnt afford to up the RAM.
however, the obviously Not-So-Superdrive of my macbook had been certified
DEAD! and yeah, the result of over-usage i guess
too much pirated disc on a sensitive drive, aiks, sad oh.
thanks moorey for the help:)

Leopard OS 10.5.5 Screenshot of my macbook

yeah, and my k750i totally kaput! rosak! dead!
now using my 8310, sweet:)


Jooyee (心里很吵) said...

congrats! ^^

Terrick said...

Wow... congratulation!! Nice work.

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ee tieng de blog said... talented ar u..

Ellie_pi said...

congratulations...nice work!

meow...... said...

nice photo~ & congrates! =)

Shyang said...

thank u all vr much!
didn't make it into top shot tho haha