Sunday, October 19, 2008

Too Late Dude

i.f. entry :: LATE ::

sister's kenari kena langgar by a stupid idiot today
not just stupid, idiot, but irresponsible,
as after langgar, he (i guess) jus accelerate and drive away
luckily no one injured,
cuz it happened when my sis n my mum driving,
means a moving car crashed to a moving car,
and happened on top of simpang 3 flyover!

haha guys, u maybe successfully run away
but haha its too late,
we had taken down ur photo,
haha, n now in police station d,
unless u r a thief who steal this car,
if not, wait la..jus wait police go find u.

stupid yellow daihatsu charade.

the impact...quite bad, somemore it's at the driver seat,
any time ur leg can be gone.


ee tieng de blog said...


swahnen said...

cool illo! simple and to the point. I like it...

小傻强 said...

Hit and run 最贱格!