Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Hate M.C.Q!!

ok, let's do this in english.
i jus finished my otorhinolaryngology end of posting exam
draw all these illustrations while waiting for the next paper
in medical course, our exam system is a bit different from other course.
the most crazy paper is something call "Multiple Choice Question"
which is more well-known as M.C.Q among the medical students
let me explain what the heck it is,

think think think, chiong chiong chiong!

It's actually a question with 5 possible answers
rather than choosing the best answer,
u are required to answer "True" or "False" to each answer
or you can choose not to answer it at all
and the trick is,
if u got an correct answer, u get 1 mark
if u choose not to answer and leave blank, u score 0 mark
if u answer it, and u got it wrong, sorry..u got -1!!
so you cannot simply tembak in this kind of exam

let say u quite sure on 3 answers..but the other 2 r not so sure
however, u decide to gamble on those not-so-sure-2-question
and sial sial u get them wrong
your 3 marks will become only 1 mark!!

seniors and prof will tell u not to gamble,
cuz in real life when treating patient,
its either u sure, n u treat it
or u not sure, and u dun simply make a treatment on patient

however, being a very chiong!-type of person
i usually chiong! a lot of answers
and the result is i usually chiong! into the river!

had a very terrible lesson during last posting alrdy
and change my strategy this time during this particular exam
hope my plan will work :)

i hate m.c.q


Anna Bong said...

I totally get what you feel. I hate MCQs as well, even though not as 'crazy' as what u all get. I suck in MCQs. I totally agree with the rule to use when applying treatment, either you use the right treatment or not apply any wrong treatment that may cause other circumstances. But sometimes it's just so hard to make choices, esp in emergencies!

Good post!

vkvun said...

for me, i also got the potong markah system for both mcq and true and false. MCQ is -0.25 is answer the question and get it wrong while for true and false is -0.5 if get it wrong. din know medic one minus mark so siao one. haha

KP said...

haha.. finally in english...
in mcq, the trick is to be really sure and really know your thing.. in other words, there' no trick :P
exam sucks... we know...
luckily no more exams for me :)

josantoes said...

haha.. chiong la..! good luck buddy~

patricksars said...

i heard about this b4 from my fen who is also studying medicine in Unimas!!
i call him Dr.Gan ...:p

不胜寒 said...

Good thing I am not a medical student! Just sneak in and have a look.

Shyang said...

anna:haha..u r a future optometrist rite? going to my ophthalmology posting vr soon...will ask u if i got prob

vkvun: at least not -1 rite..haha,,jiak lak la

KP: good la wad liao?

lola:chiong beh gao ah, chiong jip kang!

patrick:oic..which year?

not-tahan-cold: haha, i bet iz a good thing for me to be a med student tho haha

chuck said...

i hate tests and I hate my final year project.

Shyang said...

i dun hate tests

vmwch said...

hey, laddies and have mention hate M.C.Q, there is trick, hate exam bla...bla...bla.... but did you think that those tricky question must be come out from those briliant person :). They have done their hardwork before invigirating the examination for you ler.... Just imaging how much the brain cell been killed by squeecing they brain juice :P....

So, laddies and guys appreciate they work and do well for your every exam/ paper :) Pray for their good health :D hahahhaa...... because i'm one of them :P

Shyang said...


dun tell me u r my lecturer oh..i will faint oh..haha

i hate m.c.q cuz i hate the lack of self control in myself..i never hate exam tho haha

vmwch said...

Of coure no lah :) hahaha.aa....I drop here just because get lying by you that mention regarding 蛇?有答案。I thought what? So drop by lor :P but see nothing there ler heeheee.....u lier lah...anyway, when is your next exam? U study in UNIMAS? junior lah! But I'm not in medical

Shyang said...

i mana ada lie la..memang got the second part of the previous post.check it out..

yeap, in unimas, lot77 ppl where got mix with other fac ppl one..vr loner here one la, everyone tot themselves best, lousy place ah

annna said...

whoaaa.. if i am ever to be placed in such a situation, i sure gila edi.

Shyang said...

haha annna...i think this can explain why i become a bit bit out of my mind haha

vmwch said...

I don't think will be lonely there. Or you lock yourself in hostel? Last time i enjoy myself like playing badminton and basketball. I'm good of that :) Only one thing burden is exam, research and the practical.
Which year are you now? Looks like year 4 if not mistaken. You stay in main camp or the Faculty nearby Saberkas? You sound like you are not from Sarawak.

Shyang said...

now yr 5 loo...haha i from kuching la! stay at home :)