Sunday, September 20, 2009

I.F. Infinite

infinite |ˈinfənit|
1 limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate

if two person walk in both different paths which are parallel to each other,
they will walk on their own path infinitely,
the chance for them to meet is impossible.

however in life there are few meeting points,
which connect these 2 paths,

so while u r busy walking down ur own path,
dun forget to keep an eye on where is that meeting point,
if u missed it, u might not get it vr soon in the future again
however, if u somehow reach that meeting point,
pls dun act like a square box who dunno wad damn thing to do.

p/s: its been a while since i draw in I.F., this image jus came across my mind
when i got to know this week's theme. start to draw after 2 shots of 15 years whisky,
arh..i think i m awake now


Sipos Gaudi Tünde said...

Interesting philosophy behind your drawing. I like it. I also like to keep my drawings very simple with a deep meaning. It is very important that an illustration exists not only as an image but also to reflect and "to have" a meaning behind it. :)

Shyang said...

exactly, thanks sipos

嘉沂.雁 said...

good point...

Gavin Goo said...

Nice interpretation :)

Shyang said...

jia and gavin: yeah thanks

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Lovely illo, I really like the layout with the swish lettering in the bottom corner. Your characters are very nicely designed, the one criticism I would have is something a lot of IF entries I have looked at have had in common: the vanishing point of your perspective lies off the edge of the paper. If it dwindled to a single point it would help the illo communicate infinity. As it is, there could be anything just off the edge of the paper. Nice work though, am gonna have a poke around the rest of your blog now.

Shyang said...

adam foster-fahy:
thanks a lot for ur comments n criticism!! this is wad i need!! will try to improve next time:)

great blog n illo u have there

Michael said...

Whiskey and poetry always the right kind of mixture in my book. An interesting take on the topic. I think if you really think about what you have said and drawn here, the more sense it makes. Good work.

Biniman said...

lovely characters! watch out for your perspective, especially in the round arc of the gateway.

Shyang said...

michael: i m not a good writer, but i do love the combination of poetry,illustration and some alcohol...better still if therez some radiohead music nearby :)

biniman: oh it seems weird to me..thanks !

❤Yisin said...

How can a doctor draw so well?
this is really amazing
you are great :)

Shyang said...

jus an interest i guess..thanks. ur oil painting are great too

Eva said...


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Sze Jia said...

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