Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tecoma Trees In Bloom!

the big white cat and the tecomas

i bet most of you had noticed that some trees around kuching city
actually had bloooooomed!!! with this pinkish, whitish flowers recently!
its really very nice
and i actually thought only tat particular tree in sekama will ever bloom!

according to the news,
those trees are called Tecoma Trees..and there are around 2000 trees planted in kuching's really nice when the whole road is decorated by all these trees!

for those who visited the sakura festival in japan,
well, the feeling is a bit similar..a bit la..hahaha
i still miss japan
but all these flowers in kuching oso vr best la~ haha
so, please dun chop down our trees again in the future.

anyone taken any photos of the flowers?
mind to link up here?


allen said...

i noticed that.. do you know which area has got the best spot to do a nice shoot? :D

the places i know hasn't got that many trees to make the impact in a picture.

Shyang said...

i think around lumba kuda...and central road there...if not mistaken..gogo..i think the flower start to die liao..must act fast

allen said...

Need to know when's the best time they blossom lor. >.< can't get good shots! Gah... need to know which is the best period next time. :(

I'm posting a few shots in my blog, snapped them while scouting for best spots or trees.