Saturday, March 6, 2010

I.F. Brave

rough n low quality sketch; i.f. brave

a quick sketch after get the theme for this week
a low quality sketch...urgh
usually i wont draw if i dun have any recent event
which fit the theme of the week

jus feel we are surrounded by monsters
and all of us are so brave to grow up till now
i can be monster to anyone
and anyone can be monsters to me, it doesnt matter
no point arguing

thought of staying positive so i turn on my iTunes
plat "Dont Panic by Coldplay" to go along with this sketch
halfway i jus turn it off and switch to
"Livin' It Up" by limpbizkit
it's so easy to run and hide but it's not easy to be alive



Connie said...

Great drawing technique!

Julio Cerletti said...

Fantastic, I like it very much!

CB Doodle said...

I love the details in the "monsters" various legs. Wonderful! :)

Shyang said...

connie: thanks!

cerletti: haha, thanks a lot! gracias!

doodle: should be more detail haha

Burt said...

OoOoOo robot monsters!

jazzlamb said...

Very nice. If this is a doodle, you can do wonders!

Shyang said...

burt: yeah..n some squid

jazzlamb: this is purely from rough sketch haha..i jus part time only

. justin segal said...

great style here, love it! Yes, we are surrounded by monsters, but those monsters just want to be loved.

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Great motto!

Hans_77 said...

I love your line work and character. spot on.

hinji said...