Monday, May 31, 2010

I.F. Slither

i.f. slither

first thing which come into my mind is the movie slither,
first image which come into my mind is a helicobacter pylori,
first color which come into my mind is dark n gloomy red,
first effect which come into my mind is some bruises effect,
slither, suck ur blood.


❤Yisin said...


佩服啊~ :D

chuck said...

when you want to release ur second comic book ? we are waiting..

Shyang said...

yisin: i vr lost now haha

chuck: wont b any second book for now, mayb got side project, but oso dunno

Jeff G said...

Elizabeth Banks is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this!

Sharon said...

This is great... I love your thought process! And your comics are great! Thankyou for your comments :)

nancy said...

my first thought was the movie, too! But that was way too gory for me so I moved into another direction altogether... I do like the way you think, though! :D (took a gander at your strips - even though I can't read them, I still enjoyed the drawing!)

Anonymous said...

I thought about that movie too. Only seen the trailer. Great illustration. I enlarged it to see it better. Great slithering feel to it.

Shyang said...

jeff: yeah!

sharon: thanks lot s well!

nancy: they were all in chinese haha:)

katherine: thanks lots, actually i only seen the movie poster! not even the trailer haha!!

阿葉 said...