Monday, May 12, 2008

Alwyn is My Friend

i.f entry; electricity

i first know this guy when i suddenly received a call few yrs ago.
on the phone, he said "i m a director, i wan take ur stuff to shoot movie",
vr impressive.
he is a crazy dude in kch,
someone who, aiks, i really duno how to explain stuff he did,
he video himself while he drank mixture of tabasco+wasabi; go lie down on an escalator
aiks, too many things, if interested, view his facebook video here

jus out of random i posted this,
this guy is mad.
he is alwyn tay, from kuching.

if u think this is crazy enough,
go view his facebook ones.


Vhrsti said...

Cool illustration!!! Fresh and strong!

Alwyn Tay said...

where my legs

Connie said...

This is a very good drawing but I would not like to be the life insurance company holding Alwyn's policy.