Saturday, May 24, 2008

My New Drawing Stuff

these are some stuff i bought during my trip to singapore

finally i got myself a moleskine after talking bout it so long ago.
if u still wonder wad is this, pls visit the legendary notebook website here.
i get myself a Sketchbook 80 pages 9X14 cm, very handy, from Page One

M.U.J.I; i love their products, the first time i saw this brand was when
i visited Seoul few years ago. those books are made from recycled material
it seems more like an japan-style ikea to me :)
visited their Japaneses website here, so far no shop in malaysia yet

luckily bought this, cuz cant find it even in Towers Record KLCC,
gosh! In Rainbows for only $19.95 from HMV Singapore.
the first way to let ppl appreciate music is to dun sell ori CD so expensive,
the first way not to sell expensive ori CD is to have a good government


douglas said...

tot of getting u smth from MUJI. there is a muji shop here in nottingham. now i donno what to get liao!

Shyang said...

wahahaha..still can la..u can buy me their sofa.


DodO^MontaGue- said...

Doug, don`t forget to buy souvenirs for us during ur euro trip ler..
italy jersey 1 ppl 1.

douglas said...

u think i rich is it!! aduh!!souvenir can lar...jersey and sofa cannot!!

cassie said...

moleskine is for ppl like u ler. why doug buy for me T_T what should i do with it? HAHAHA.

dwj said...

wow, so many muji. well said about the cd and government! salute.

dwj said...

and.. the cd inside got the amazing stickers?

Fishymoonie said...

I have always wanted a moleskine too. Saw it during my trip to HK but i din buy it. (regretnya~) Is there any retail shop selling it in MY ?