Monday, June 16, 2008


::Muji Sketchbook 150X100mm::

started class for 2 weeks and tis week gonna have exam alrdy.
don't really like this year as we are going to be posted around like dog again,
going 2 bintangor in 2 more weeks time, i really got no time n mood to draw,
but i had keep myself a small sketchbook,
so i can record my idea n feelings no matter where i go this year,
so i think there will be less comic strips or boxes in this coming year.
but i dun tink anyone do care tho...

::play people is a hobby::

lazy to scan oso, so i tink i jus post the photo up,
this is the first page of my MUJI sketchbook
i wan go muji at japan, yes, next year.


Ben said...

Well, some people do care. Keep your chin up!!! ;) Gambate!!! n good luck in everything u do. P(^o^)q

livz said...

muji at japan is abt the same as singapore's.. (or maybe juz the outlet i went? :))

Shyang said...

hi livz,singapore got how many stores actually? the one i went not so big tho..haha..looking forward for everything in japan, but really still long to go

livz said...

3 outlets i think, @ bugis, paragon(orchard) and marina square(cityhall)..

I went one of the small outlet in japan at Ikebukuro, about the same as singapore's..

Japan is really an interesting country, hope u able to visit there soon :)

Shyang said...

i went to the one in bugis if not mistaken haha,i m visiting Osaka if nth special where is ikebukuro?

livz said...

ikebukuro is in tokyo :)

Suu said...

Nice black character on the cover!

Anonymous said...

If you go Tokyo, you must visit MUJI's main store at Yurakucho(有楽町). Near Ginza(銀座)and Akihabara (秋葉原). Total got 2 floors + Muji's Cafe.
At the same time you can visit APPLE Ginza store. (^_<)y