Friday, November 27, 2009

Iban Style MAS Tattoo

borneo-36, originally uploaded by dlumenta.
Recording life experiences on Iban-style tattoos.
This man went to work in Seria (Brunei) in 1974, and he commemorated
his first trip ever on an airplane (a MAS flight form Kuching to Miri) with this tattoo.
Many Ibans from the Indonesian side hold dual Indonesian-Sarawak nationality (up to the 1980s),
and many from Kalimantan were even conscripted
and sent as Sarawak Rangers to the Malayan Emergency & the May 13 1969 period.
Location: Sadap village, West Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia. (Jan 2001)

very interesting indeed!


Trekkingnut said...

Ive been to Sadap!!! i have similar photos from the same long house but not of this one! that means there are AT LEAST 3 people in this village with this tattoo! how amazing is that! get in touch!

top photo in the page below shows one and another further down: