Friday, November 6, 2009

Dental Visit!

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This is my first comic (box) in ENGLISH!
this post is specially dedicated to all my fellow coursemates in FMHS!
for the past 1 week, the first question they will ask me
when caught me in faculty or hospital is
"eh? how is ur teeth liao? go dentist liao?"
seems like everyone know bout it tru facebook!

ended up my gum bleeding is due to gingivitis,
not yet jus do a normal scaling (phewh~)
but the doc did suggest me to do bracing...
but 4 teeth and wisdom teeth hav to be CABUT!
so my decision is NO! i rather do regular scaling

till then
feel free to comment,
and i survive the dental visit,
hope i survive the coming exam next week!
and good luck to everyone!


hui ching said...

Hi there~ such a coincidence! i've been worrying about my teeth these days. not much knowledge about teeth, so i googled for some information.

what's the difference between gingivitis and periodontitis anyway?

i think my gums are pulling away from my teeth, my teeth seem 'big', tat's y im worry. >.<

btw, y is it bracing? can bracing help in periodontitis?

thanks~! :)

Candlelyn said...
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Candlelyn said...

hi,i'm not first time visit here, but first time drop a comment here.=)
i oso kena cabut 4 gigi in order to place braces, tat time i also so sad leh...

Shyang said...


at least u got the courage for that..but i dun have!! hha

Anonymous said...

还是华语的比较有亲切感 ^^

renaye said...

the drawing is cute. reminded me of a chinese comic.

Shyang said...

anonymous : i agree with that

renaye : haha, thanks! all the while i had been drawing in chinese tho



ytl said...

I've been following ur blog for a while but never commented- but like 'anonymous' said 还是华语的比较有亲切感.

to answer huiching's question- gingivitis is when the gum is red and swollen (generally) and periodontitis when the gingivitis is so serious that it involves the bone underneath- normally caused by plaque (牙菌斑). bracing helps by making the teeth straighter so that you can clean easier. you should get ur teeth checked if ur gums are receeding (pulling away).

Shyang said...

ytl: thanks a lot..comment la next time hahaha..btw, u r a dentist?

ytl said...

dentist-to-be, still studying..hahahaha

Shyang said...


oic..nice to meet u..
the dentist said my teeth still intact, no erosion bla bla bla after he did a scaling on me. gums although looks much more 'benign' and no more bleed..but the gum still seems pulling away...i want to know is this "receding gum" a reversible thing?

ytl said...

i'm afraid not (from what i can remember from all the cramming a few weeks ago). it's to do with bone resorption around the tooth socket and once the bone is gone, it's gone.
the only way to manage (not even curing) it, is to stop it from getting worse. and only brushing and flossing does that & maybe another visit in 3 months time if you're worried. not cheap though, right?