Sunday, November 22, 2009

We All Love Durians!!!!!

this is the best place to get durian in kuching
cant really tell where is it, but if u see the photo,
i bet u will roughly know where is it

this is the only place wic my family will buy durians from
well, not everytime u will catch him there,
it just depends on ur luck, for regular customers,
we always have his number and to reserve the best for us hahaha!!

if u r regular customer, u can actually bring a container there,
and put all the fresh fresh durians in,
so u no need buka those durians at home n found out all worms inside!
and if u cant finish all of them in one time
u can always keep them in fridge
and imagine putting a creamy, thick, cold durian into ur mouth!

thats great!
i love durians!
n they make me fat!
real fat!


Sze Jia said...

!!!!! I miss durians and i wan them!

Pek Chek Kia said...

I miss padawan's durian XD

Anonymous said...

i love the yellow colour one.....

MaRcu$ JaCkr3y said...

er.. 是不是对面港附近???